Business Valuation

The Professional for Small Business Valuation, Auditing, Accounting, Financial Forensics and Litigation Support Services

Business valuation, auditing, accounting, financial forensics and litigation support requires the services of a seasoned professional. The firm of Framroze K. Patel, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA offers comprehensive financial consulting and accounting services to small and mid-size businesses with revenues ranging from $50,000 to $25 million. Aside from many years of credentialed experience business owners who choose Framroze K. Patel are assured of receiving one-on-one attention from the firm’s principal, beginning with “Day One” of their services.

Framroze K. Patel  provides financial management expertise with proven leadership strength, along with membership affiliations with leading financial associations.

Built on a foundation of more than 20 years of solid financial consulting, accounting, and tax advisory services to closely-held businesses, Framroze K. Patel, helps business owners with comprehensive business valuation services.