BusinessValuePro Framroze K. Patel CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA specializes in accounting, auditing, and business valuation services for small and mid-sized businesses.  The firm has been actively engaged with providing due diligence, economic and business damages, financial forensics, and litigation support services for more than 20 years. The areas of concentration are manufacturers, retail and service businesses, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and professional service companies. 


Business Valuation and Litigation Support

When Do You Need a Valuation Service?

A valuation service is warranted when a corporation’s contractual, physical and financial assets and liabilities must be independently valued for the purpose of: structuring a business deal, business disputes, financial reporting, SBA loans, bankruptcy, marital dissolutions and tax.

Framroze K. Patel is a premier business valuation provider whose valuation reports are not mass generated by software but rather are individually written and customized.  Framroze K. Patel offers three types report forms:

    1. Detailed Reports
    2. Summary Reports
    3. Calculation Reports

The format of a business valuation report during a consultation is based on type for engagement, purpose, findings, and the needs of the business owner or decision-maker who receives and relies upon it.

Due to the complexity required to value a business a Business Appraiser / Valuation Analyst requires extensive post graduate education, which is offered by professional certification organizations. Framroze K. Patel is a Certified Business Valuation Analyst (CVA), an Accredited Business Valuation Analyst (ABV), and a Business Valuator Accredited for Litigation (BVAL). See the management section of this site for a full list of Framroze K. Patel’s accreditations, licenses, and degrees.


Accounting Auditing and Tax Advisory Services

Accounting and auditing services help to ensure that a company runs efficiently, its financial records are kept accurately kept and taxes are paid properly and on time. These services are used to analyze and communicate financial information to various entities such as business owners, shareholders, Federal, State, and local governments.

Framroze K. Patel is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Management Accountant (CMA) who offers custom accounting and financial reporting services in order to facilitate the efficient production of comprehensive regulatory and management reports. Our professional financial reporting services respond to the needs of a variety of national and global clients.

Mr. Patel offers auditing services to verify the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls and check for waste, mismanagement, or fraud. These auditing services are used to examine and evaluate a company’s financial and management procedures, as well as internal controls to ensure that records are accurate and controls are adequate.


Fraud and Financial Forensic Investigation

When organization owners or shareholders suspect misappropriation of assets or fraudulent financial reporting, Framroze K. Patel can help. Through his specialized training as a Certified Financial Forensic Analyst (CFF) he will review financial and organizational records and investigate and determine if fraudulent active exists.


Economic and Business Damages

The financial tools and techniques required to calculate and analyze commercial economic and business damages vary greatly depending on the facts and purpose of the engagement. Mr. Patel provides litigators with calculation that include accounting, valuation, economic, financial analysis and statistics. These financial theories and applications can effectively support the facts and damage analysis of a legal case. Mr. Patel is certified as a Business Valuator Accredited for Litigation (BVAL) and is available to present and testify his findings in the presence of a judge and jury.
Attorneys and business owners may call upon Mr. Patel for commercial economic and business analysis in connection with the following cases:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Business interruption
  • Breach of contract
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Unfair competition
  • Employment discrimination
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights


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