Man_Silhouette2 Framroze K. Patel, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA has requisite knowledge, skills, experience, training and education in the field of accounting and business valuation. Let us help you navigate through volatile business risk.

Financial Services for the Small and Mid-Sized Business Owner

Framroze K. Patel meets the business valuation expert threshold and Federal rules defined in Regulation section 1.170A-13c that defines the qualification for an expert witness. Mr. Patel qualifies as an expert based on his knowledge, skill, experience, training and education.

Our mission is to offer customized personal financial consulting services (business valuation, review and audit, due diligence, financial forensics, and litigation support) to small and mid-size business, for various purposes, such as corporate tax preparation, financial and statutory compliance, purchasing a business, matrimonial litigation, shareholder disputes, and SBA loans.  Framroze K. Patel, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA offers a wide array of accounting, auditing, and tax advisory services, to help business owners build, manage, and preserve their business while complying with federal regulations.


Framroze K. Patel has worked with mid-sized businesses for more than 20 years.  Through these services he has helped business owners determine the business value, calculate economic and business damages, and detect fraud.


In a world where moral turpitudes abound, it is rare to hear the word “integrity.”  For Mr. Patel, integrity is non-negotiable.  As a financial professional he is bound by the strictest of ethical codes established by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Business Appraisers, and National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. These codes and standards are a set of principles that protect clients by upholding statutory regulations.

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High Degree of Professional Competency and Certifications

The business valuation, accounting, auditing and forensic accounting professions require a higher degree of not only accounting but an in-depth knowledge of economics, business intelligence, management, finance, and knowledge of applicable regulations. Framroze K. Patel holds completed two master’s degrees, one in cost accounting and the other in business administration and management. Additionally, he holds six professional financial certifications in the following specialties areas:

  • Litigation Support
  • Business Valuation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Public Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Forensics

Financial certifications require extensive education, examination, peer review and continual education. To, date Mr. Patel has attained more than 1,000 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE).